Jazz Sing Workshops helps you to bring your singing to the next level.  JSW is about freedom, confidence and knowledge, and of course fun.


group work stage June 2015


   Weekly and weekend group workshops, concentrating on technique and listening skills and improvisation. Basic musicianship, Search and Reflect techniques,* as well as call and response and circle singing. Discover the rules of the road, rules that will allow you to participate in a jam session, without fear.

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Individual Tuition

The workshops are for group work and individual tuition, although possible, is limited in a group setting except in the master classes. JSW offers individual tuition for those who want to go further and pursue a career in music. 

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Jam Sessions

Singing in a workshop is fun, but there is nothing like trying your chops in front of an audience. JSW organises visits to jam sessions around Paris. These are perfect times to try out that song you've been working on.